After a very busy business life in the big city for years, we made a big dream come true. A boutique hotel which in the foreground the history, texture of living, style and comfort…

After long research, we discovered the structure where we could create our hotel. We bring you together with this stone mansion, which has survived from the 1870’s and hosts many memories. We have preserved its historical character as much as possible. 1870’s Taş Konak takes you back 150 years in the history with his architectural structure and decoration. We didn’t skip the smallest details to make the atmosphere of the history fully alive in our hotel, which is located in the center of Urla. As a result of our research we reached five different people who lived in Urla and left a mark in the history. We gave them a life in each of our rooms.

Beside the privileged atmosphere of 1870’s Taş Konak, the breakfast and the food are also different and delicious. We found the best breakfast for you in the famous Anatolian Hatay Cuisine. We bring every product from the original place to our tables in order to preserve the naturalness and flavor of our Hatay breakfast, which consists of approximately twenty-five kinds of products that we provide in our mansion.

A different experience awaits our guests in 1870’s Taş Konak with his architectural structure, decorations, foods and many fine details.